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Is there another Earth for humans?

Our search for Earth-like planets continues, but even if we do find one orbiting another star, we still don’t have the technology that will enable our civilization to utilize its resources. It’s going to take too long for us to even get there. Let’s hope that the

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What does carbon footprint mean?

One small step for Man, One giant leap for Mankind…

Carbon footprint is the amount of energy, greenhouse gases and waste that is generated to support the lifestyle of a country, group or individual. You have your own carbon footprint.

If you live in a small cottage in the countryside, for example, you

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Ecological footprint definition

What do you Affect?

You hear the term Ecological Footprint thrown here and there – but what does it really mean? Why should you care about it?

The Ecological Footprint definition is simply a way to measure how much we use and consume, in relation to our environment’s capacity to provide and support

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How to reduce our ecological footprint

We need one and a half Earths… We only have one…

At the rate we’re using up our planet’s resources, by 2030 we will need 2 Earth’s to sustain our ever growing population. But we only have one.

This means that we are using up our planet’s finite resources, faster than it can replenish itself. We use

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What is an eco footprint?

We only have this planet to call our home

Until we find other Earth-like planets that we can go to, what we have here is all we’ve got. What’s concerning is that we live as if the Earth’s natural resources can never be depleted.

The truth is that humanity is using up 50% more natural resources that

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