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Environmental impact of paper production

A useful but wasteful product…

With the improvement in technology and the advent of the printing press and the mechanical harvesting of wood, disposable paper became more affordable for the average consumer. This resulted in a drastic increase in consumption and of course, waste – which all

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Badge rainforests are disappearing

Deforestation facts for kids

In 100 Years, there will be no Rainforests…

When you see paper and wood, what do you think of? Do you think of the tree that was felled to make the product?

Before we started to build cities many centuries ago, they say that 60% of the Earth was covered in Forests. Now, there is less than 10% left.

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How can we stop deforestation?

The Trees have no Tongues…

We’ve heard about how we’re losing vast tracts of forests each year – for many reasons. We’ve also learned about the negative effects. Trees are a very important part of our biodiversity. It is vital to life on Earth. So how come we’re killing them? How can we stop

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Paper waste facts

Paper comes from Trees…

In today’s electronic age, people are starting to consider going paperless. But there’s still a long way to go before we lose our dependence on this very important human product.

From our newspapers to our paper wrappings, paper is still everywhere and most of them are ending

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Deforestation facts and statistics

Our Blue and Green Planet

What makes our planet so different from the rest?

It’s the only one tinged in green… thanks to our forests. Our rainforests were here long before we humans ever existed on our planet. It is home to thousands of species of plants, animals and home to indigenous forest people.

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