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child labor

The hard truth about child slavery

Global Child Slavery Facts:

These child slavery facts may astound you, but in reality, what they show is encouraging although the results are too slow for comfort. There are still far too many children suffering from the worst forms of Child Labor.

  • There has been a 22% decrease in the number of child
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Child labour definition

What is classified as Child Labour?

Child labour is when a person below 15 years of age is doing work that is depriving them of their childhood, their potential and their dignity - when the work is harming their physical and mental development. When a child is forced to leave school or combine

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Child labor in chocolate industry

The dark side of chocolate

There’s a dark and sad side to Chocolate that few people know about. What can be dark about something that’s so delicious?

Child trafficking and slavery

The practice of child trafficking and slavery of children in the cocoa industry is very controversial.

It is said that up to

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How to stop child labour

No one will produce what no one buys….

Child Labour continues to be a concern in this day and age but because of the efforts of labour groups, governments, companies and ordinary people like you and me, the number of companies employing child labour is going down.

What can be done to stop child labour

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Child labor stories

On the street

In the Philippines, street children are common. You will find them begging on the streets playing on the pity of local folks and foreigners alike. The misconception is that these children come from nearby squatter areas just trying to come up with a few pesos to buy their food, very few

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Child labour in sweatshops

Your dress is pretty… who made it?

In recent news, a Welsh woman was looking at the label of a new dress for washing instructions. To her surprise, a message was on the label which said… “Forced to work exhausting hours.” This disturbing message is a fact that’s known all over the world. But when you

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Child labor working conditions

Blistered small hands…

Awareness of child labor and its health and mental consequences to children has resulted in the decreased number of child laborers – but we still have a long way to go.

Child labor has declined by 1/3 since the year 2000. The International Labor Organization estimates that from

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Facts about child slavery

It’s no life for a child…

While it’s an appalling fact that slavery still exists in this day of information and worldwide communication, the number of child slaves are going down. This is due to the determination of groups, governments and individuals to stop this practice.

Here are some facts about

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Child labor facts and statistics

From the Sweat of our Children

It’s heartbreaking to think that in this age of technology and communications, where we know everything that’s happening in the farthest corner of the world, child labor is still allowed to exist.

This is one of the biggest roadblock to human rights worldwide.

Child labor

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