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7.2 Billion People – and Only One Earth


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TheWorldCounts, 24 April, 2014

7.2 Billion People – and Only One Earth

How awesome it would be if our astronomers found another planet just like the Earth, and we can move some of our population there.

The resources of this planet will be untouched and the people who will be relocating there will be wiser. They will probably conserve the natural resources on this new Earth and treat it better than what we did to our planet.

Or would they? We’d like to think so.

But we haven’t found another planet that we can relocate to. All that we have right now is our Earth, and we are slowly but surely draining its resources - resources that are vital to our survival. If we will save our planet and our way of life, we must do so now and fast.

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What is our Vision for the Future?

Governments, organizations, non-profit groups and environmentalists are doing what they can to try and stop Global Warming, Deforestation, Wildlife Extinction and the Degradation of everything in our planet. 

This is so we and our future generation can sustain and even improve the way of life that we’ve become accustomed to.

We envision a future where we have found sustainable energy and practice a more sustainable way of living. 

By 2025, we will reach the 8 billion mark, by 2100 our population may be double the size. Do the math and you’ll realize that at the rate we’re going, by 2100 we will need not one but 3 Earths to sustain us all.

The population of the world clock is ticking, and we should all be aware of it. 

Let’s do our share to save the resources we have by reducing wastage, practicing family planning, reducing our carbon footprint, going green and by spreading awareness. These small things when done by each and every one of us today, will make a big difference to our future.

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