What is an Eco Footprint?

We only have this planet to call our home


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TheWorldCounts, 15 March, 2014

We only have this planet to call our home

Until we find other Earth-like planets that we can go to, what we have here is all we’ve got. What’s concerning is that we live as if the Earth’s natural resources can never be depleted. 

The truth is that humanity is using up 50% more natural resources that the Earth can regenerate. If we follow this thought, it means that we need one and a half Earth’s to accommodate our needs comfortably. 

If everyone lived the lifestyle of the average American we would need 5 planets. Unfortunately, we only have one.

Something has to change

It’s a scary thought , but a fact that is not fully understood by people yet since right now the resources are still there. But if we are to prevent our children’s children from living in a desolate world where food, water and everything we take for granted now are scarce, we have to help reduce our Eco Footprint.

What is an Eco Footprint? 

It’s a simple way to measure humanity’s demand on nature. It measures our footprint based on how much land and water area our civilization uses to supply us with what we need to survive. These are the data that it analyzes to determine our footprint:

  • How many acres of land do we need to grow enough crops and build our infrastructures? 
  • How many miles of ocean can sustain our food requirements? 
  • Are there enough ecosystems to absorb our waste products, such as carbon dioxide?

This system of measurement can also determine the Earth’s biocapacity – which means the available resources. In a nutshell, an Eco Footprint is the amount of environment needed to keep us supplied with what we need to support our lifestyles and keep us alive. How much is being used versus how much resources are actually there.

Need for awareness

We don’t really think about our Eco Footprint seriously. We think the water we drink, the trees in the forest, the fish in the sea, will just be there for as long as we need it. We go on with our activities as if nothing is being affected by our thoughtlessness. At the rate we’re going, there will be no resources left for our future generation.

But right now, we can still do something about it! That’s the good news. We can help reverse the damage by reducing our own Eco Footprint. This is the challenge we are facing. The goal is for all humans to live a fulfilling life without degrading our planet’s resources. Organizations, countries and individuals are waking up and doing their share to ensure that our planet can cope with our ever growing demands.

Here’s how you can contribute

  1. Save Electricity
  2. Save Water
  3. Buy Organic and Local Products
  4. Bring your own Shopping Bag
  5. Recycle plastic, cardboard, paper and glass
  6. Practice Family Planning
  7. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances and Electronics
  8. Buy products that are biodegradable and environment friendly
  9. Reuse materials. Don’t just throw them away
  10. Don’t buy anything that involves animals that are in danger of extinction

Let’s all work together and do our share. 


  1. Global Footprint Network
  2. WWF: Ecological Footprint
  3. Challengefuture: How to reduce our ecological footprint
  4. WWF: Reduce your impact

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