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We can only live on 30% of our planet


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TheWorldCounts, 27 June, 2014

We can only live on 30% of our planet

We might have the impression that we own the planet, but in reality, we can live only on 30% of it. That’s the total land mass of the Earth. We need dry land to thrive and plant our crops for food. This is the same for all land dwelling animals. Our survival is threatened when scientists predict that sea levels will rise if the global temperatures continue to rise due to global warming. The rising sea level effects can become a danger to our civilization.

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Is it a real or imaginary threat? Let’s look at the facts.

What can cause sea levels to rise?

There are 2 factors that can cause sea levels to rise and both of them are relate to ur increasing global temperature.

  • Thermal Expansion – when the water gets warmer and it expands and occupies more space. The last half century’s sea level rise was caused by the warming of the oceans.
  • Additional Water Input – If you remember the story of the Flood, the world was fully covered by water when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights – killing every human being and land animal except for those in the Ark. But the threat now is more subtle and it’s currently being observed. The polar ice caps and ice sheets are melting due to the warmer temperature. When this huge amount of ice melts, it will significantly add to the Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL). If all the ice in the South Pole melted, sea levels can rise by 200 feet! If the Greenland Ice Sheet melts, the sea will rise by 20 feet.

The rate of the rise of our global temperature is accelerating and 80% of the heat is being absorbed by our oceans. The land ice is shrinking at a faster rate in response to this – and it is pouring more water into our oceans.

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Can we breathe under water?

What are the rising sea level effects if we cannot stop global warming? Scientists say that even if we are able to reduce carbon emissions to zero by the year 2016, we can still expect a rise in sea levels by 1.2 to 2.6 feet. The oceans and land will readjust to the changes we already made to the atmosphere.

How will the rising of the sea levels affect us?

  • With a one meter rise, some island nations like the Maldives will be submerged. If the global warming trend continues, even New York, Bangkok, London, Mumbai and Shanghai will end up below sea level.
  • The rising of the oceans will contaminate surface and underground fresh water supplies which will worsen the world’s fresh water problems.
  • Crops and animals will die, causing a food shortage.
  • 100 million people in the US alone, lives in coastal cities. They will be completely displaced, along with other cities in low lying coasts dependent on rising seas and storm surges.
  • Coastal wetlands like the Everglades, which are home to a large and diverse ecosystem, will be damaged by the salt water. Whole habitats will disappear, along with the animals that live in it.
  • Higher sea levels will mean that the storms that will make landfall will be bigger and more powerful – therefore, more devastating.
  • Economies will fall when industries grind to a halt and governments spend billions of their currency trying to sustain their citizens and rebuild their infrastructure.

We do not have the technology yet to hold back the ocean and it seems inevitable that the seas will rise. But that doesn’t mean that we will just stare at it and let it happen. How high it will rise is still dependent on our actions today!

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We need to act with haste and urgency. If we all work together and increase people’s awareness, we can still reduce carbon emissions which are causing the global temperatures to rise, the ocean waters to expand and the ice caps to melt.  We can still help avoid a global catastrophe.

If you remember the hole in the ozone layer, the collective efforts of our governments was able to fix that problem.  So it is not true that we are powerless. Collectively, we can make significant positive changes!

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People can say that global warming is a myth, a conspiracy, nothing to be alarmed about. But the science and the data speak for themselves.

Read more about how you can contribute to the efforts to correct the damages we have made to our environment. We can still make a difference if we start now. We can still change.

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