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It makes the Earth blue…


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TheWorldCounts, 25 July, 2014

It makes the Earth blue…

When you look at a globe, 70% of our planet is covered with oceans. Humans are the most intelligent form of life on Earth, but we can only live in 30% of it! The ocean is a mystery to us; there is still so much about it that we need to discover. In fact, we know more about outer space than what’s going on underneath the deep blue seas.

The ocean is where life started. There are so many species that we are only starting to discover. At first, we thought that there can be no life deep beneath the sea, since sunlight cannot reach it. We were wrong. There are all kinds of life beneath the ocean! Life that doesn’t require sunlight like we do. Fish and animals that live in environments where we can’t go.

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It’s wonderful to know that Life can exist in different environments! Thousands of miles below the sea, it’s a different world. It’s as alien to us as another planet… and yet, what happens to our oceans affect those of us who live on land.

The wonders of the Deep Blue Seas

Here are some cool ocean facts for children:

  • There are 4 major Oceans: The largest ocean on Earth is the Pacific Ocean. It covers 30% of the planet’s surface. The Pacific Ocean has an estimated 25000 islands. Much more than the other oceans combined. The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd largest, covering 21% of the Earth’s surface. The 3rd largest ocean is the Indian Ocean. It covers around 14% of the planet and it is the warmest. The smallest is the Arctic Ocean. During winter, it is almost completely covered in ice.
  • In the year 2000, another ocean was added – the Southern Ocean. It’s the body of water surrounding Antarctica.
  • The Earth also has smaller bodies of water that are partly enclosed by land. These are the Seas. The 3 largest seas are the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the South China Sea.
  • The presence of Oceans on Earth makes our planet unique. No other planet has liquid water on it, like our oceans. According to scientists, there used to be oceans in Mars… but they evaporated millions of years ago.

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  • The fish living 3000 meters below the ocean have their own lights! Well, it is very dark down there.
  • The Dead Sea in the Indian Ocean is the saltiest. It’s so salty that nothing can live in its waters. The large amounts of salt exert an upward push and you will float in the water without any effort.
  • Coral Reefs are made by billions of small sea animals. When they die, they leave their skeletons behind and this forms the coral reefs very very slowly.

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  • 25% of marine animals live in the coral reefs… and 90% of sea life relies on the reefs for one reason or another.
  • The largest coral reef is located in Australia –The Great Barrier Reef.
  • The deepest on Earth can be found in the Pacific Ocean. It’s called the Mariana Trench. It is around 10,900 meters deep!
  • The ocean is responsible for the weather. The currents distribute heat around the planet and temperature above the oceans creates clouds and winds.
  • The ocean tides rise and fall twice a day. It is caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon.

How are our Oceans today?

Our beautiful life giving ocean has a lot of problems today… We are polluting it, global warming is causing the sea levels to rise and the ocean is getting warmer. Some marine animals are in danger of going extinct, such as the blue fin tuna and the whales.

Read about the different environmental issues that are affecting our oceans. Visit yobet体育官网: Stories. Knowing about the issues is the first step to finding a solution to the problems. See where you can make a difference.


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