Modern Day Slavery Statistics

Slavery still exists? 


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TheWorldCounts, 15 March, 2014

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Slavery still exists? 

You might find it hard to believe since we are all supposed to be a modern and sophisticated species. Slavery is still as brutal and inhuman today as it was In history. It affects the lives of millions of people across the world. The good news is that more countries are joining the fight against modern day slavery.

Here are some modern day slavery statistics that you probably didn’t know about.

  • There is an estimated 20 to 30 million slaves across the world today. It is hard to count the exact numbers of a hidden population.
  • 90% of women and children who end up as Sex Slaves were victims of childhood sexual abuse before they were recruited.
  • You are in greater risk of being hit by a bolt of lightning than you are of going to jail, if you enslave a person in South Asia.
  • An estimated number of 800,000 people are illegally trafficked across international borders every year.
  • There are 161 countries affected by human trafficking.
  • The total yearly profit gained from human trafficking is a staggering $32 billion a year.
  • Majority of modern slavery victims are between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. 
  • 1.2 million children are enslaved through forced labor and exploited in the sexual industry each year.
  • In 1850, the cost of a slave if converted in today’s dollar value, would be $40,000. The cost of a modern day slave is $90.
  • Brazil leads the world in fighting modern day slavery.
  • In terms of profit, Human Trafficking is ranked as the 3rd largest international crime industry – just behind Drugs and Arms Trafficking.
  • 54% percent of modern day slaves were recruited by strangers and 46% were recruited by people they know.
  • 78% of modern day slaves are in the Labor Industry, while 22% are in the Sex Industry.
  • 55% of modern day slaves are women and children and 45% are men and boys. 26% of them are children under 18 years old.


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