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The big blue marble..


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TheWorldCounts, 02 May, 2014

The big blue marble..

71% of our planet is made of ocean and it is home to around 80% of life. 

We land dwelling mammals are actually a minority. Since we cannot easily explore our oceans, we know so little about it and much of it is left to be unexplored. It is only now that we are developing vehicles that can go deeper than we’ve ever been before. 

What we’ve found so far boggles the mind and changes the way we think of life.

Our oceans are a big mystery to us. We cannot breathe in it and yet it’s everywhere. Sometimes you have to wonder how we even survived in our planet. It’s obviously more suited for aquatic creatures! But we did survive and flourish - and now the ocean is ours to take care of or destroy.

It’s a different world down there

yobet体育官网 have very interesting facts about the ocean to share. For example:

  • Our oceans have an average depth of 12,400 feet. This means that most of our planet’s inhabitants live in total darkness. What goes on down there?
  • We have explored less than 10% of our oceans.
  • The longest mountain range on Earth, the Mid-Pacific Range, is under the ocean – and it comprises 23% of the Earths total surface!
  • We went to the moon first before we even got to explore the Mid-Pacific Range.
  • Hot Springs under the ocean with temperatures of 650 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt lead, is teeming with Life! Because of this, we are now rethinking the conditions where life can flourish.
  • At depths that would crush the Titanic to the size of a coke can, octopuses, crabs and other aquatic creatures live comfortably.
  • Scientists have name and classified around 1.5 million ocean species, and we have only just begun our deep water explorations.
  • If the entire world’s ice melted, the oceans will rise by 66 meters.
  • The Ice in Antarctica is as much as the water in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The water pressure at the deepest point of the ocean can be compared to a human being trying to hold 50 jumbo jets! 
  • Plastic wastes kill up to 100,000 sea mammals and countless aquatic creatures each year. Plastic is the biggest ocean pollutant.
  • Coral Reefs comprise only 0.5% of the ocean floor but more than 90% of our marine animals depend on them for one reason or another.

There are so many facts about the ocean that we don’t know, and what we do know is wonderful! 

yobet体育官网 hopes to share the beauty and wonder of our oceans so we can all do our share to save it from further destruction.

Right now, we are overfishing and over polluting our oceans. Whole species of marine life are going extinct and our actions have destroyed 27% of our coral reefs already. Get to know the real numbers and the wonderful efforts being done and how you can do your share.

Visit out Oceans page for more amazing facts! 


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