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We make the world we live in…


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TheWorldCounts, 19 May, 2014

We make the world we live in…

People often close their eyes to issues they don’t want to worry about for a couple of reasons.

They feel helpless or they don’t know where to start making a difference. When you hear about slavery and global warming or deforestations, we think these issues are too big and only governments can provide a solution.

yobet体育官网 believe otherwise. When it comes to the environment, we can all make a difference. But first we have to know more about the state of our environment. What’s going on lately? We have a lot of interesting environmental facts for you on this page. Some facts are so unbelievable, we can’t blame you if you think they’re fiction. However, they’re all true.

More fact than fiction

  • Our population grew more in the last 50 years than it did in the last 4 million years.
  • At least 50 million acres of rainforests are lost every year. That’s the size of Wales, England and Scotland combined!
  • We are discovering new medicines to treat diseases and most of it comes from our rainforest.
  • If the whole world lived like the average American, we would need 5 Earths to sustain us.
  • If we recycled every newspaper, we can save 250 million trees every year! In the US, only 27% of newspapers are recycled.
  • It will cost $13 billion a year to provide the whole world with sanitation and food. That’s the same amount spent by Americans and Europeans on perfume and colognes alone.
  • 40% of all bottled water sold globally, is bottled tap water.
  • For your toilet paper, 27,000 trees are cut every day.
  • Paper can be recycled only 6 times. After that, the fibers become too weak.
  • The amount of sunlight that falls on the Earth every hour, is enough to power the whole population in a year.

You affect more than you know

If you look at these facts closely, most of the issues concerns things that we do and use in our daily lives. Such as the toilet paper you use and the newspaper you read. In so little time, the advances in technology and our way of living has caused more damages. We use fossil fuels and raw materials like crazy and we are seeing its effects.

yobet体育官网 aims to awaken the human spirit and rally everyone to one cause – Change What You Can.

Our environment came to this stage because of all our actions. We didn’t know before that it will have these effects – we didn’t believe it. But now we know and every small change can make a difference in turning things around for our future generations.

Go Green. Support products that are environment friendly. Be more conscious about recycling. Know how a small act like turning on the sprinklers in your lawn affects the planet as a whole. That’s all we ask from everyone. These small steps towards sustainable living, when done by whole groups of people, will make a big impact.

Get to know about the stories of our civilization and how we can alter the course of history. It sounds big but it’s really not. Every person can make a change.

Join us in our quest for a better world for you, for me and for our children.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein


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The world is full of challenges. But each one of us has the potential to make a difference ... and inspire others!

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