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Believe it, it’s here…


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TheWorldCounts, 08 July, 2014

Believe it, it’s here…

From all corners of the globe, from the North to the South Pole and all the areas in between, the signs are showing - our planet is warming up. Our global temperature has increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius). Most of the increase happened over the past 3 decades.

Global Warming is not a threat, it’s happening right now. In spite of all the information about global warming, there are still some people who believe it’s all a big conspiracy. It cannot be disputed that 97% of climate science and peer reviewed studies all agree that global warming is real and we are causing it.

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The consequences of a warmer planet

If the warming continues, we can expect the following scenarios to happen:

  • Heat waves will be a common occurrence.
  • The melting ice caps will continue to contribute to the rising sea levels. By the end of the century, sea levels can rise between 7 to 23 inches.

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  • Floods and droughts caused by the El Nino phenomenon will happen more often.
  • Storms and Hurricanes will become stronger and more destructive to coastal cities.
  • Ecosystems will be affected. Even now, some animals are already moving further North to colder and higher areas. Not all animals will be able to adapt. Those who cannot migrate to more habitable areas will become extinct.
  • Wildfires will increase and destroy our threatened forests.
  • Billions of dollars will be spent repairing damages and sustaining people. Economies will fall.

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What will our children’s world be?

We can shrug and say this is too big for us to do anything about it and do nothing… or we can start reducing our carbon emissions right now.  Our past choices brought us Global Warming but our choices now will determine the kind of world our children will live in. We have the technology, we know what to do and all that’s left is to actually make the required changes.

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Awareness is the key to solving our environmental problems. Find out how you can contribute to the solution.


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