How to Reduce Our Ecological Footprint

We need one and a half Earths… We only have one…


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TheWorldCounts, 26 April, 2014

We need one and a half Earths… We only have one…

At the rate we’re using up our planet’s resources, by 2030 we will need 2 Earth’s to sustain our ever growing population. But we only have one. 

This means that we are using up our planet’s finite resources, faster than it can replenish itself. We use energy and consume water and other resources as if it’s never going to run out. 

The problem of water and energy shortage is a growing concern nowadays. We are just coming to realize that we are just using too much and the well is about to run dry.

What is your Eco Footprint?

Everything we do – the food we eat, the electricity we use, the water we drink, the fuel for your car and even the clothes we wear… uses Energy. We use energy for everything. 

We wrongly assume that a single person cannot make a difference on our dwindling natural resources. We ask how one person can make a difference if millions are contributing to its depletion? But you know what… if one person lowers his eco-footprint… that is already an improvement, even if it’s only a minute difference. 

If we all think of how to reduce our ecological footprint, the awareness in itself is already progress. It takes a while for reality to sink in, but every human being on this planet can make simple changes to the way they use energy to reduce their impact on our resources.

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Change is hard… but Change is needed

Habits are hard to break. Even though we find out it’s a bad habit it has always been the way we did things. There are many simple ways to reduce our eco-footprint. The biggest challenge is to make it a part of our daily living. Not just something that we do when we feel like it.

5 things you can do to help

  1. Avoid Excess. This applies to all kinds of excesses. Excess is equal to wastage. If you’re not using the light, turn it off. Don’t leave your faucet open and unattended. Cook only what you can finish eating. Don’t drive when you can walk. 
  2. Buy Products That Are Environment Friendly. Practice your consumer power and buy products that don’t harm our environment. Don’t patronize products that cause harm. This is to encourage companies from turning to environmentally friendly solutions.
  3. Buy Organic and Local Produce. Produce that are not treated with pesticides are the best to eat. Buying local produce not only supports your local farmers – it takes less energy for the food to travel from the farm to your table. 
  4. Bring Your Own Bag. Avoid using plastic bags and bring your own when shopping. Plastic is among the most toxic materials on our planet and they do not degrade.
  5. Recycle! Cardboard, plastic, newspapers, paper materials, glass and electronic devices can be recycled for other uses. Bring them to certified recyclers

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These are 5 simple ways to start reducing your eco-footprint. It sounds simple enough, right? It’s a good start. If we can make this a habit, and if we can encourage our families and friends to do the same, we’ll have a chain of positive change that will make a huge difference in the future.

You are one person who can make a big contribution to saving our planet. Remember, we only have one.

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  1. WWF: Reduce Your Impact

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