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Earth has a Fever


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TheWorldCounts, 19 May, 2014

Earth has a Fever

...It’s at 14 degrees Celsius and rising. We cannot cope with a further 4 degrees Celsius increase in temperature.

Global warming is a controversial issue with some scientists saying that it’s real and some say that it’s nothing to be alarmed about. The debate is on whether human activities are causing the warming of the Earth’s temperature or if it’s part of the Earth’s natural cycle changes.

2013 is the 4th warmest year in recorded history. 

According to the scientist’s at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space studies, since 1880, the global warming temperature change has increased – and the planet’s has warmed by 0.8 degrees C (1.4 degrees F). Big deal! Why should we be concerned about a slight 1 degree increase in temperature?

A two degree change bought on the Little Ice Age

Unlike the local temperature where you live, where temperatures fluctuate regularly by several degrees, it takes a lot of heat to warm our oceans, air and land to cause a 1 degree rise in the Earth’s temperature. It’s a big planet with a big surface!

In the past, all it took to bring on the Little Ice Age between 1350 to 1850, is a two degree drop in temperature. So you see, from a global perspective, a slight degree is very important. 

What warms our planet?

The global temperature is affected by the amount of energy Earth gets from the sun and how much it radiates back into space. The amount of energy that is expelled by the Earth largely depends on the chemical composition of our atmosphere. The equation hardly changes unless something is happening in our atmosphere that’s trapping the heat in the planet – and today, that “something” is greenhouse gases.

What will happen when the Earth gets too warm?

When our global temperature rises by 4 degrees Celsius more, we will be faced with really big problems such as extreme weather, rising sea levels, extinction of species, food and water scarcity, just to name a few. Many people can continue to debate the cause, but the effects of Global Warming are real and it is here.

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