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It’s no life for a child…


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TheWorldCounts, 21 May, 2014

It’s no life for a child…

While it’s an appalling fact that slavery still exists in this day of information and worldwide communication, the number of child slaves are going down. This is due to the determination of groups, governments and individuals to stop this practice. 

Here are some facts about child slavery in our modern age:

  • The number of children subjected to child labor worldwide has been reduced by 1/3 since the year 2000 – from 246 million to 168 million. Half of them, 85 million children are doing hazardous work.
  • Agriculture remains the highest employer of child labor.
  • The highest number of female child slaves dropped by 40%. Male child slavery decreased by 25% since the year 2000.
  • The chocolate industry is well known for employing child labor.

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Child slavery today

Here are other examples of modern child slavery. These practices are not as high profile as the child slaves of other industries. 

The Beggars of Senegal – An estimated 500,000 children are sent to the streets to beg for money by the daraas or Quranic schools. They are sent to this schools by their parents to get an education. These children are called talibes and they have a quota which they will need to give to their marabouts. Failure to meet the quota will mean harsh punishments ranging from violent beatings to being chained in isolation.

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan – Young boys are taught to dance and are being sold to wealthy men. This ancient practice called Bacha Bazi has been revived. It was banned by the Taliban and is still an illegal practice under the Afghan law. The young boys are made to wear female clothing and groomed for this “job” where they will be subjected to sexual abuse.

Camel Jockeys in the Persian Gulf – 30 boys a month are abducted or sold by their parents to work as camel jockeys in the Persian Gulf. Most of these boys, as young as 3 years old come from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The UNICEF is discouraging this practice by encouraging the use of robot jockeys.

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