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Look around you… What do you see?


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TheWorldCounts, 14 May, 2014

Look around you… What do you see?

You hear news from different countries every day. We practically know about an event the moment it happens! We are so interconnected now, but there are still lots of issues that are not being highlighted – for one reason or another.

yobet体育官网 brings these stories to your attention because we believe it’s important. It’s not all about bad news. We also share the amazing achievements that we humans have accomplished over the years! We’d like to show you that we can make a difference

What kinds of stories can you find?

You will find mind-boggling environmental facts and statistics in our pages. We show you the exact numbers and the stories behind them.

We tackle everything from animal and plant extinctions, pollution, your ecological footprints, slavery, waste and other topics that are current global concerns.

  • We are producing enough waste to circle the Earth a thousand times over!
  • Only 1% of China’s citizens are breathing air that is considered safe by the European Union! Their severe air pollution problem poses a serious health risk and it’s spreading to other countries.

More: yobet体育官网: What is Causing Air Pollution in the World?

  • We only have 1% of the world’s available freshwater ready for our use. 87% of this resource is used in Agriculture and 60% of that is wasted due to misuse.

More: yobet体育官网: Average Daily Water Usage

  • The USA produces trash daily that is equal to the weight of the Empire State Building!
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the middle of the ocean is believed to have over 100 million tons of garbage – mostly plastics.

More: yobet体育官网: Garbage Islands in the Ocean

  • Our total population is now 7.2 billion and counting! Sure, the planet can sustain us if we just stand still. But we are needy beings and we are using up more than what our planet can give us.

More: yobet体育官网: Earth Population Counter

  • Because of the global efforts, the hole in our ozone layer is getting smaller. In 50 years, it will be totally healed.

More:  yobet体育官网: Ozone Layer Depletion Facts

More of these stories can be found inside our pages. We invite you to come and learn with us and see how we can change things little by little. Find more environmental facts and statistics which will fascinate you at the very least. Some, you may not even believe.

yobet体育官网 gathered this information from reputable sites.  We want to give you the hard facts and none of the controversy surrounding these subjects.

Join us! Read the stories behind the numbers – yobet体育官网: Stories

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