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Our Earth is special!


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TheWorldCounts, 13 May, 2014

Our Earth is special!

There was a time when we thought everything revolved around our planet and that it was flat! Being at the center of everything played into our desire to be special, and we liked that idea. In fact, we liked it so much that even when Copernicus proved that we, along with other planets, revolved around the sun, we didn’t want to believe it. That doesn’t make us very important now, does it?

But our planet is indeed special. The Earth has many qualities not shared by other planets – and right now, it’s the only planet we know that harbors life as we know it.

Did you know?

We’ve come a long way in the last 100 years. We know more about our world now than the greatest scientists of old. Here are more cool facts about Earth that will surely fascinate you.

  • The water on Earth is 97% salty and 3% fresh.
  • There’s an estimated 1 million species living in our oceans. Only 1/3 has been catalogued.
  • Earth is the only planet that has plate tectonics. Without them, our planet will overheat just like Venus.
  • The temperature of the Earth’s core is 5,500 degrees Celsius. As hot as the sun!
  • At the center of our planet lies a solid iron ball 1,500 miles wide. The iron doesn’t melt due to the intense pressure in our core.
  • The Earth’s rotation is actually slowing down at a very slow 17 milliseconds per 100 years.  In 140 million years, our days will be 25 hours long. (No need to worry about that!)
  • The coldest temperature on Earth ever recorded is -89.2 degrees Celsius. It happened in 1983 at Vostak Station, Antarctica
  • 200,000 people are born on our planet every day!
  • It is possible that 75% of our animal species may be extinct in 300 years.

We’ll tell you stories about stuff you may have heard about…

yobet体育官网 tells you stories about our planet. Just like us, the Earth has a lot of stories to tell, challenges to face and a future that’s unfolding. History tells us that we humans like knowing that we are special – that we have a purpose. This website believes that too. We believe that when people know about a problem, they will work on finding a solution.

Well, the Earth is facing a lot of challenges right now… and our planet needs us to right some wrongs. Maybe make a few changes and adjust the way we live. We believed that we were important before – that is truer now more than ever. We have the power to make things right again for this amazing planet that we live in.

Remember? It’s the only planet we know that can support LIFE. Don’t you want to keep it that way?

Before we look at other planets, let’s focus our eyes on the 3rd rock from the sun – our home. Read more about the Earth’s challenges, what we are doing about it and how you can contribute to the global efforts.

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