Chemical Pollution Examples

The Different Kinds of Chemical Pollution


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TheWorldCounts, 04 March, 2015

The Different Kinds of Chemical Pollution

We are constantly advised to recycle and dispose of our waste in the proper manner, but only a very small percentage of the global population heeds this advice. The result is that they contaminate our environment, resulting in chemical pollution.

It is good to remember that Pollution is caused by chemical and unnatural contaminants.

Here are some chemical pollution examples:

Air Pollution

We’d like to go out and breathe fresh air – but how fresh is our air, really? Any gaseous chemical substance can pollute our air if it reaches a high concentration. There are 10 substances that cause the most concern:

Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Particulates, Nitrogen Oxides, Ozone, Chlorofluorocarbons, Unburned Hydrocarbons and Lead and Heavy metals.

The best example of how chemicals can contaminate our environment enough to cause environmental problems is the state of our Ozone Layer. In 1985, scientists discovered a significant depletion of the Ozone Layer above Antarctica. The culprit? Chlorofluorocarbon and HCFC. It was widely used in refrigerants, cooling units, fire extinguishers and aerosols. It created a “hole” 29 million square kilometers wide. When the governments of the world banned the use of CFC and HCFC, the “hole” slowly healed. It is expected to revert to normal thickness in the next 55 years.

Global warming is another cause of chemicals leaking into our atmosphere. Our industrial world is producing too much Carbon Dioxide and it’s disrupting the natural balance of our atmosphere causing all kinds of weather disturbance. Just imagine the number of vehicles emitting carbon dioxide into our atmosphere… and you’ll get the idea.

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Water Pollution

Chemicals that we use on land can seep into our drinking water, waterways and reach our oceans, rivers and lakes. We say that the water body is polluted when it is unfit for its intended purpose.

When chemicals from landfills seep into the ground and into our water supply, for example, it can make us sick. Our drinking water will be unsafe to drink. Our extensive use of pesticides in agriculture is also another cause of water pollution.

When these chemicals get into rivers, lakes and oceans, it can kill marine animals and marine flora, causing an imbalance in out aquatic ecosystem. Even birds are affected by water pollution since they get their food from the ocean too. Fish is part of our food supply. When chemicals invade our oceans, it can contaminate the fish. When we eat these contaminated fish, it can have adverse effects to our health.

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The ocean comprises 70% of our planet and water is without a doubt our most precious natural resource - which is why the extinction of many marine animals is a big cause of concern. Without a healthy marine bio system, our planet and all who live in it are in grave danger.

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We know this, but what are we doing about it? If we don’t become better at disposing of our waste and taking care of our water sources, there will come a time when we won’t be able to enjoy these water bodies, and worse, have any clean water to drink.

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