Animals That Are Becoming Extinct

Going… Going… Gone


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TheWorldCounts, 14 May, 2014

Going… Going… Gone

Here’s a list of other animals that are becoming extinct. We didn’t include the Panda which has hugged the spotlight for years. 

  • Polar Bears – are losing their environment. Global warming has caused changes in the Arctic landscape where the polar bears live.  There are now only 20,000 to 25,000 worldwide.
  • Tigers – are attracting the attention of the world because time seems to have run out for them. There are now only 3,000 wild tigers left and less than 600 Sumatran Tigers. Their skin, organs and bones are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Asian black market. 
  • Rhinos – are hunted for their horns – which is used as dagger handles, worn as status symbols and as an ingredient to traditional Asian Medicine. To date there are only 60 Java Rhinos left in the wild.
  • Mountain Gorillas – are dying out because of the deforestation. Their homes are being destroyed. There are now only 880 Mountain Gorillas left.
  • Lions – may be nothing but a legend soon. Their numbers have dropped in the last 50 years from 400,000 to an estimated 16,500 to 47,000 worldwide. Loss of habitat is the main reason. 

Other animals on the verge of extinction and their current population

Sumatran Elephants – 2,400 to 2,800
Amur Leopard – 30
Sumatran Orangutan – 7,300
Blue Whale – 10,000 to 25,000
Cross River Gorilla – less than 300

There are many others that were not included here. It’s a much longer list. If it’s too late to save these beautiful animals that have always been a part of our lives… what would our world be without them?

The 6th Extinction

We are experiencing a very serious crisis. We are on the brink of another mass extinction and this time, it is faster than the last 5 natural extinctions. Animals are becoming extinct due to reckless hunting and fishing and environmental pollution caused by humans. It’s heartbreaking to hear that an animal that used to number in the millions in the wild, no longer exist or is in danger of extinction.

We humans, among all life on Earth, are the only ones who are capable of consciously affecting other forms of life. We can choose to nurture or destroy, and in the past, we have chosen to destroy – or we just didn’t care.

What Can You Do?

It sounds like an insurmountable problem and it seems that there is nothing we can do to save these poor animals. But we have to try! Conservationists, Hollywood superstars and governments are all pitching in. There are breeding programs for animals that are critically endangered. Scientists have even looked at the option of cloning. Laws and regulations are hopefully reducing deforestation and there are very strict laws now on poaching and illegal hunting. More than ever, we are fully aware of what’s happening around us and we are trying to correct our mistakes.

  • If you are an advocate of Asian medicine, please stop. We have medicines available that do not require the annihilation of a whole species.
  • Stop buying real animal skins and fur! Synthetic looks just as good on you… and will cost less.
  • Help stop Global Warming by reducing your Ecological Footprint.

More: Ecological Footprint DefinitionHow to Reduce Our Ecological FootprintHow Pollution Affects the Environment

  • Do not buy anything made out of Ivory or Rhino tusks or anything that’s made out real animal parts.
  • Support organizations that help preserve and save our endangered animals. They need the funding. You can donate on their websites.
  • Help raise awareness. 
  • Buy products that are environmentally friendly.
  • If you do not buy these prohibited products, the seller’s won’t buy from the hunters.
  • Help save our forests. The Mountain Gorilla, the Chimpanzee and thousands of species live on it.

More: Deforestation Facts and Statistics

  • Don’t eat endangered seafood like the Bluefin Tuna.
  • Help preserve our Corals.

More: Threats on Coral Reef

  • Maybe stop eating Tuna Sashimi and Sushi? Is it very hard?

If you notice, it’s like a domino effect with one problem causing another that causes another problem. We have to look for sustainable and permanent solutions. But most of all, we, as a species should change the way we think of our environment and the other forms of life that share this planet with us. It is also theirs to enjoy. It’s not necessary for us to kill off entire species for our pleasure nor for necessity. We have to find other ways.

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