Alarming Facts about Global Warming

We need to do something now…


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TheWorldCounts, 07 August, 2014

We need to do something now…

What will it take for us to take the dangers of Global Warming seriously? We read about it, hear about it and see the evidence all around us, but we shrug our shoulders when asked to do our share to fix the problem. Yes, it seems like a problem that’s too big for one person to solve, but you’re not just one person. Your efforts when mimicked all over the world will make a big difference. But if everyone starts thinking that nothing can be done, then we’re doomed.

Global warming has the capability to wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. Our planet is warming up, but it’s been warmer in the ancient past – Mother Earth can handle herself. It will go on revolving around the sun, but without us. We will not survive.

Global Warming is really here…

Read these alarming facts about global warming. These are not invented to scare people as most detractors of Global Warming claim. These are facts.

  • 1)In the past 100 years, the Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees Celsius or 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the warming happened in the last 2 decades. This means that the planet is warming up at a faster rate now than at any time in history.
  • 2)There’s more Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere today as compared to any time in the last 800,000 years!
  • 3)Human activities release around 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere each year.
  • 4)If the planet heats up a couple of degrees more, polar ice sheets, glaciers and all the sea ice will melt and sea levels will rise and inundate coastal cities.

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  • 5)According to the IPCC, the ocean will rise by 7 to 23 inches in the next 100 years due to global warming. This means we should move our cities inland. All coastal cities will sink below the waters if this happens.
  • 6)The increase in temperature is causing extreme weather changes such as heat waves, drought, wildfires and devastating tropical storms. As the planet heats up, the weather will be more destructive to the human population.

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  • 7)Animals are going extinct due to the destruction of their habitat as a result of global warming. Those who can migrate to a better habitat will survive, but those who can’t will die off.
  • 8)The increasing temperature will start a domino of negative effects. As countries try to cope and save its citizens, global economies will fall. Trading and production will stop as the whole planet focuses on survival.
  • 9)There will be food and water shortage. Crops will die from the heat or from drought. Other areas will be flooded.

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  • 10)Since many people will be displaced, sanitation will become a problem. Diseases such as malaria, dengue and other infectious diseases will spread.

It may sound like doom-saying, but the picture painted by these facts is the result of our actions. They are future outcomes, not future events. These events are happening now. As you read this, the glaciers are melting and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increases.

It will take all of us to make a significant change, from the individual to the biggest companies. But until the magnitude of the problem is understood by every human being on the planet, it will be very hard to prevent the possible disasters that global warming can bring.

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We need everyone to do at least one thing to lower their carbon footprint. We need people to make other people aware of the seriousness of global warming and spread the word. Every one of us who lives on this planet should raise their voices so governments will double their initiatives to lower carbon emissions.

You’re not just one person. You can do so much to start a ripple of actions that can change our global habits. We need these ripples to turn into one global initiative! We didn’t live like this many centuries ago. We weren’t so wasteful then.

Conserve. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Lower Carbon Emissions. Find a Renewable Source of Energy.

Let’s wake up and look at the elephant in the room. It’s there and it’s staring us right in the face. Global warming is here and it’s a threat to life as we know it.

Read more about today’s environmental issues at yobet体育官网: Stories. Behind the numbers, there are stories that you need to know. We believe that if you know about what’s really happening, you will do what needs to be done.


  1. Conserve Energy Future: Global Warming Facts

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