Outdoor clothing, technical apparel and gear. Mission is to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis

A pioneer of sustainability

What do you do when your employees get sick from the cotton chemicals in the clothes you make? You become a pioneer of sustainability!

That's exactly what Patagonia did! And when you choose their products:

You get materials like hemp, organic cotton and recycled nylon, that are much less harmful to the environment,than regular fibers.

  • You get products made with bluesign®-approved fabrics, that cause minimal pollution to the Earth's limited freshwater resources.
  • You know that no child labor took place to produce them and all employees got a fair wage
  • You get products that resist wear and can easily be repaired.

The journey to sustainability

Patagonia's journey to sustainability started in 1988, when many employees got sick due to the formaldehyde emitted by clothes, made of conventionally grown cotton. In 1996 they went organic. Since then they have been consistently measuring their environmental impact and use third party auditors to ensure fair pay and labor practices and they have a transparent production and supply chain. Plus, they work to get better every single day!

Here is how:

  • They offer 1% of their pre-tax income to fund grassroots environmental groups each year
  • They work hard to earn a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for their Nevada Service Center
  • They reuse buildings for their retail stores, instead of building new ones, when possible.
  • They use renewable energy sources, like solar power.
  • They encourage their employes to leave their car at home via monetary incentive

Next time you go camping with your kids next to a stream with your Patagonia gear, you will know that you too helped keep these waters clears for future generations to enjoy.

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