Krochet Kids intl.

Unique, Non-Profit Clothing with a Personal Signature

Non-Profit Clothing. Signed for You  

Krochet Kids intl. is a lifestyle brand and an innovative non-profit. At the moment they work in Uganda and Peru to empower people to rise above poverty. The products are sold at Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods, Zumiez and other companies. 

The items include: 

  • Clothes for Children
  • Clothes for her & him
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Gift guides

You get a non-profit item which is hand-signed by the person who made it. In this sense, you feel that you are actually helping a real person through your purchase. 

The Start of Something Good by Doing Good

With an urge to do good, good things start! Like Krochet Kids. Three friend started this as a dream. After visiting Uganda seeing poverty and the lost hope in the eyes of families living at camps controlled by the government, they got a brilliant idea! Crocheting. It was amazing what people made from a hook and yarn. The people who made the products got paid a fair wage, thus being able to rise above poverty and make themselves independent from the government camps. 

The rapid growth of Krochet Kids made it possible to incorporate friends who also wanted to help and see a transformation by simple crocheting in Northern Uganda. Then Krochet Kids became a non-profit organization. Voila! 

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