Sustainable outdoor wool clothing, underwear and accessories from a company dedicated to high social and environmental standards

Free Range Sheep 

Icebreaker offers a great variety of apparel made of merino wool, that can be layered and offer comfort in all kinds of weather. Each time you buy an Icebreaker product:

  • You support a company that promotes the well-being of sheep, offers them shelter, freedom to roam and display their natural behavior in vast fields
  • You are sure that your merino wall did not come from sheep that suffered mulesing.
  • You protect the fragile New Zealand ecosystems, as Icebreaker guarantees low intensity, sustainable farming
  • You get products made to last and offer you maximum comfort in both warm and cool weather

360 degrees of green

Icebraker wants to think green and act green in every corner of the company. Here is what they do about it :

  • The Icebreaker wool cleaning, combing, spinning and dying plants have a special cleaning and recycling water purification system
  • The dying process of wool happens in large batches, so that energy is saved, and natural dies are used as much as possible.
  • The staff that works in the manufacturing chain work in a safe environment with natural light and clean air. They are paid a fair wage and are offered three meals daily as well.

All Icebreaker partners are required to meet the standards on clean manufacturing technologies, fair treatment of workers, and garment quality.

Icebreaker is constantly working on minimizing its environmental impact. The use of sustainable packaging made from biodegradable cardboard and vegetable-based bags is part of this effort. The shipping is also done by sea, when possible, in order to keep the CO2 footprint low.

So if you ever dreamed of being as warm and cozy as a sheep in its fleece and look even cooler, Icebreaker is here to make your dream come true!

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