Chelsea Green

Be Inspired to Practical Promotion of Sustainable Living

Be Inspired to Practical Promotion of Sustainable Living

Chelsea Green is much more than a publishing company. They strive to improve people's understanding and knowledge about the two major subjects that have occupied humans since the concept of civilization; politics and social justice and the practice of sustainable living.

Chelsea Green provides you with books about a variety of subjects:

  • Renewable energy
  • Gardening and agriculture
  • Green Building
  • Nature and Environment
  • Ethical Business
  • Food and Health 

The Mission of Chelsea Green is to promote the understanding of our natural world and how to act practically to sustain a sustainable way of life. The degrading changes in the environment may be reversed when beliefs, mindsets and better agriculture are applied on the globe.

The inspiration to every subject is vast and you can also purchase dvd's and series on various science matters. Chelsea Green provides you with all the information you need about social politics, democratic citizenship and political action to go hand in hand with topics of renewable energy, permaculture and green building.  

The Commitment to Green Publishing

Chelsea Green is definitely committed to work only as a sustainable business. Not only does Chelsea Green reduce the energy costs and natural resources in the publishing, but they also print the books and catalogs on recycled chlorine-free paper. Furthermore, soy-based inks are used as often as possible and the printing takes place in North America and not overseas. So to sum up the fossil fuels are REALLY kept at a minimum.   

In each book there is description of how many resources were used; like wastewater, trees, solid waste and greenhouse gases. Chelsea Green is also part of the Green Press Initiative.

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