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Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” ― Hunter S. Thompson

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Enneagram seven

Personality Type: Seven – The Enthusiast or Adventurer

Enneagram is a model of human personality. Here comes the basic characteristics of the “Seven” (there are nine types in total).

Dominant Traits: Extrovert, Fun-Loving, Adventurous, Upbeat, Friendly, Optimistic 

Focus of Attention: Looks to the Future, Convinced That Something Better Is Around the Corner 

Basic Fear: To be Trapped In Pain and Deprivation Basic Desire: To be Content and Satisfied 

Strengths: Loves Making Plans, Imaginative, Positive, Exuberant, Fast-Paced, Spontaneous, Quick Thinkers, Multi-Talented, Creative 

Challenges: Shifty, Self-Absorbed, Uncommitted, Restless, Compulsive, Indifferent to People’s Feelings 

General Behavior of the Seven

“Life is an adventure!” This is the battle cry of The Enthusiast or Seven. 

Making sure that their lives is one continuous adventure, is an essential concern for this personality type. They’re the life of the party. The ones with the great ideas, and even greater energy. Sevens love to make plans, and they go from one idea to another, always looking forward. As if they are simply not equipped to stay put in the present. 

Their positive and upbeat attitude makes them likeable, and they’re usually popular, with a large network of friends. Sevens are never short of enthusiasm. They live to please their senses, and does not know the meaning of self-denial. They love having a good time. 

In the workplace, we’re sure you know a lot of Sevens. They have successful careers since they know how to promote their interests and themselves. The higher-ups love being around them. They are multi-skilled, optimistic and always willing to try on something new. The challenge is to make them focus. They’re a bit of a scatterbrain. They believe that the pot of gold lies beyond the rainbow, which makes it difficult to pin them down and restrict their attention to the here and now. But when they do focus, they become really good at whatever they choose to do. 

You might think that the fairies blessed Sevens with rays of sunshine, giving them their bright demeanors. But the truth is, they are afraid - of negative emotions and state of minds, such as pain, loneliness, frustration, depression, anxiety, etc. These negatives have no place in Seven’s life. They avoid them like the plague by seeking distractions, and by ensuring that they are constantly stimulated and entertained. 

Due to this, they are very prone to all sorts of addiction – drugs, gambling or sex. Anything that keeps them from getting bored and away from negativities. 

The challenge for Sevens is that everything stops being exciting after a while, so they constantly need to find the stimulation they need. More, more, more. They are not introspective, and are not in touch with their negative emotions. So they never have the opportunity to grow emotionally and work on their issues. 

They’re perceived as self-serving and indifferent, since they avoid focusing on how other people feel. If they don’t ponder on their own emotions, why should they ponder yours, right? 

They rationalize things, and avoid being emotional. Why should they suffer, if there are many ways to be happy? That’s Seven. Being forward looking helps them avoid the problems and limitations of the moment, and live in a future without boundaries. 

How to Get Along with a Seven 

  • Don’t saddle them with negativity. They’ll run away faster than you can say ‘Geronimo!’ 
  • Have fun with them, and expect that your day will be spent planning new things to do. 
  • Don’t try to peg them down. They are free-spirits. Remember that they’re positive people. 
  • If you need a shoulder to cry on, or vent your frustrations on someone – don’t do it with a Seven. You’ll just feel rejected even if that was not their intention. 

How to Overcome the Negative Effects of Being a Seven 

  • Avoid addiction by controlling your need to be gratified immediately. 
  • Remember that being uncomfortable or feeling negative emotions are a part of the human experience. You will not fall into despair if you acknowledge that there are bad days, and that’s okay. 
  • Skimming the surface of human emotions, will deprive you of deep and meaningful experiences. Invest in relationships. Don’t be afraid. Take a chance. 
  • To be contented means to be happy with what you have here and now. There can be no contentment if you can’t focus on the present.

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The Enneagram model of personality has been criticized as being subject to interpretation and difficult to test or validate scientifically. You can read about The Big Five model of personality that has gained more scientific consensus here.


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