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Number of coffee bags produced

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Number of coffee bags produced

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Worldwide we consume about 145 million...
bags of coffee a year - that’s almost 10 million tons of coffee. Coffee tastes like a little piece of heaven - but there’s a dark side to the story... See world coffee consumption statistics in real time and what you can do to avoid the dark side.

Top 5 facts about coffee


The dark side of coffee

Coffee production has been linked to slavery and child labor, and many of the beans you buy are grown in countries that under-regulate use of chemicals and pesticides.


Coffee is not just coffee

Coffee produced without the use of slaves, child labor and pesticides is widely available. Shade-grown coffee requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than sun coffee - partly because it provides habitat for birds and insects that eat coffee-plant pests.


Not a good development

More than 40 percent of the coffee area in Colombia, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean has been converted to sun coffee. An additional 25 percent is currently under conversion.


Say hello to Fair Trade coffee

The production of fair trade coffee only accounts for a small percentage - but it's increasing. In 2005, for example, fair trade coffee increased by 50 percent compared to the year before, reaching 0.51 percent of the world market.


Your choice of coffee makes a difference

A number of fair trade impact studies show that fair trade coffee benefits the communities that grow it. Look for coffee that's organic, fairly traded, and shade grown the next time you go shopping!


According to the International Coffee Organization 144.646 million bags of coffee are produced a year. One bag equals 66 kilos meaning that 9.5 million tons of coffee is produced a year.

The dark side of coffee

Coffee is not just coffee

Not a good development

Say hello to Fair Trade coffee

  • Wikipedia - coffee
  • In 2010 88,000 tons of fair trade coffee was produced. That’s only about 1 percent of total world production. But the share is increasing. In 2005 in was 0.5 percent.

Your choice of coffee makes a difference

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