Why fair trade chocolate - free trade chocolate?


Tons of chocolate eaten

Globally, this year

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Tons of chocolate eaten

Globally, this year

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Why fair trade chocolate? Well, traditional...
chocolate production is linked to child labor and slavery and uses huge amounts of pesticides. So go for organic fair and free trade chocolate!

Top 4 facts about chocolate consumption


Chocolate is big business

Globally, chocolate is a 80 billion US dollars market. This is the size of the economies of the 21 poorest countries in Africa. Only 6 to 8 percent of the chocolate revenues make it back to the cocoa farmers.


Delicious but dirty

Child labor and slavery have been found in many of the plantations that supply cocoa to major chocolate brands.


Dangerous chocolate

One of the most common pesticides used on cocoa in West Africa is lindane, a toxic organochlorine cousin of DDT. Not exactly healthy for the farmers, and not healthy for you either if there are pesticide residues in the harvest.


The good news

Organic fair trade chocolate is widely available! No pesticides, and often with a richer taste. Look for these when you shop for chocolate.

Chocolate consumption

According to the International Cocoa Organization, about 4 million tons of chocolate is produced every year (4.082 million tons of chocolate was produced in 2010).

Chocolate is big business

Delicious but dirty

Dangerous chocolate

The good news

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The Dark Side of Chocolate

A movie about the chocolate industry, and the child trafficking and slavery issues.

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