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World average temperature (°C)

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World average temperature (°C)

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Climate change has caused global temperatures...
to increase in recent decades - and they continue to rise. Check out the global average temperature chart / counter below.

Top 3 facts about global temperature


Consensus is emerging

97-98 percent of climate scientists agree that there is sufficient evidence that human activity is warming the planet.


It could go real bad real quick

Tipping point theories predict that temperature increases will create self-reinforcing effects. For example, the melting of the arctic permafrost could release greenhouse gasses equivalent to 17 times US yearly emissions…


The world is getting warmer

Because of climate change, the world's average temperature could rise by up to 6.4 degrees Celsius (11.5 Farenheit) during the 21st century.

Global temperature

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has six scenarios for the development in global mean temperature with increases from 1.1 to 6.4 degrees celsius in the 21st century. We use an average projection of 3.75 degrees.

Consensus is emerging

It could go real bad real quick

The world is getting warmer

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