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Rise in sea levels (cm)

In world's oceans since 2000

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Rise in sea levels (cm)

In world's oceans since 2000

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Sea levels are rising - that’s...
a fact! it could be up to 2 meters in this century alone. In the long run, a catastrophic 13 meter rise in sea levels could take place. Check out the real time sea level graph below.

Top 4 facts about rising sea levels


Sea levels are rising because of climate change

Sea levels could rise up to 2 meters in this century. Exactly how much is impossible to know.


With disastrous consequences

A sea level rise of 1 meter would flood gigantic land areas, particularly in Asia, and could destroy the homes of more than 100 million people - essentially turning them into environmental refugees.



More than 70 percent of the world's population lives on coastal plains, and 11 of the world's 15 largest cities are on the coast.


It could go really wrong

In the long run, the ice sheets of Greenland ice and Western Antarctic could cause a 13 meter (43 feet) rise in sea levels. Even a small fraction of this would be an economic and humanitarian disaster.

Rising sea levels

This is a rough estimate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projected in 2007 rise in sea levels of 18-59 centimeters. within this century. However, another study published in Science Magazine concludes that an improved estimate of sea level rise puts the increase at 0.8-2.0 meters. We use an average of this estimate of 1.4 meters.

Sea levels are rising because of climate change

With disastrous consequences


It could go really wrong

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