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Square kilometers of plastic soup

In world's oceans

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Square kilometers of plastic soup

In world's oceans

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We create a lot of plastic...
waste. And a lot of it ends up in the oceans. All this plastic does not go away but builds up to create a gigantic “plastic ocean soup”. See below to know just how big this soup is. You’ll also find more disturbing "plastic-in-the-ocean facts".

Top 6 facts about size of plastic ocean soup


Imagine Russia made of plastic

Our plastic waste has created a gigantic “plastic soup” in the Pacific of up to 15 million square kilometers - almost the size of Russia.


It’s getting bigger

Over the next 10 years, the plastic soup could double in size. At this speed, the plastic grows as much as 8 football fields every second.


What is it made of?

The plastic soup consists mainly of plastic bottles and caps, and, above all, of plastic bags. A good argument for recycling and using bio-degradable bags.


A spicy soup

In the plastic soup there are 60 pounds of surface plastic to every one pound of plankton.


Any good news?

Plastic normally takes thousands of years to decompose. But 16-year-old Daniel Burd made it happen in just three months by isolating a microbe that lunches on plastic bags. Bags made from, for example, potato peel are also available.


See for yourself

Take a look at the plastic soup in the Pacific Ocean in the video below!

Size of plastic ocean soup

The size of the plastic soup is impossible to know for sure. We have used the upper estimate of 15 million square kilometers. Of course, the plastic sea does not consist of solid plastic. The plastic is broken down to tiny pieces and is often not clearly visible. Over the next 10 years, the plastic soup could double in size.

Imagine Russia made of plastic

It’s getting bigger

What is it made of?

A spicy soup

Any good news?

See for yourself

Watch a video

Synthetic Sea

In the North Pacific Gyre, marine samples show plastics outweigh plankton by 6:1. Between 60-80% of marine trash is plastic - 80% of which comes from land-based debris.

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