Resources extracted from earth


Tons of resources extracted from Earth

Globally, this year

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Tons of resources extracted from Earth

Globally, this year

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Depletion of Earth’s natural resources is...
an increasing problem. As you read this we are draining the Earth for fish & seafood, metal, wood, minerals, energy and so on. The amount of resources extracted from Earth is increasing daily...

Top 4 facts about resources extracted from earth


We are draining planet earth...

Every year we extract 55 billion tons of bio-mass, fossil energy, metal and minerals from the earth. This is almost 10 tons for every person in the world. And for people in the western world this number is much higher.

2 an increasing rate

By 2020 our extraction of bio-mass will increase by 50 percent reaching over 80 billion tons.


We cannot continue forever

Rich nations may need to cut the use of natural resources by as much as 90 percent to ensure environmental and social sustainability. At the moment, the world is moving in the opposite direction.


It could soon be too late

Natural eco-systems are losing their ability to adjust. They are reaching critical thresholds beyond which they will no longer be able to recover. Watch the Story of Stuff video below to know more about the effects of our consumption.

Resources extracted from Earth

Global resource extraction includes metal ores, biomass, fossil energy, and non-metallic minerals.

We are draining planet earth... an increasing rate

We cannot continue forever

It could soon be too late

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The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns.

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