What are the effects of poverty?


Number of child deaths from poverty

In the world, this year

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Number of child deaths from poverty

In the world, this year

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The effects of poverty are many...
and usually not very nice to put it mildly. Misery and death to name a few. And children are often suffering the most.

Top 4 facts about child deaths from poverty


A giant tragedy

Every hour more than 1,200 children die - away from the glare of media attention. The causes of death vary, but the vast majority can be traced down to one single cause: poverty.


It’s preventable

The tsunami in 2004 and the Haiti earthquake in 2010 together killed 530,000 people. In the 5 years between these two tragedies more than 50 million children died from poverty. These deaths were less visible but predictable and preventable.


It’s a question of priorities

About 2 in every 3 child deaths can be avoided. That’s 6 million lives every year. Two days’ worth of military spending in developed countries (2.3 billion US dollars) can save 2.3 million lives.


Should we accept this?

“The world is heading for a heavily sign-posted human development disaster, the cost of which will be counted in avoidable deaths” - The United Nations.

Child deaths from poverty

According to the United Nations, about 11 million children die every year from poverty.

A giant tragedy

It’s preventable

It’s a question of priorities

Should we accept this?

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