Foreign aid pros and cons


Foreign aid in US dollars

globally, so far this year

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Foreign aid in US dollars

globally, so far this year

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There are pros and cons to...
foreign aid. Aid to developing countries can help them grow out of poverty. But the benefits are dwarfed by the negative effects of unfair trade rules facing poor countries.

Top 3 facts about aid to developing countries


Helping the 3rd world

Every year, developing countries receive about 120 billion US dollars in aid from rich countries. In rich countries, aid is often thought of as a one-way act of charity - but this is not really the case…


An investment in the future

…aid is an investment as well as a moral imperative - an investment in shared prosperity, collective security and a common future. Failure to invest on a sufficient scale today will generate costs tomorrow.


But it’s not working !

The effect of international aid is dwarfed by the negative effects of unfair trade rules imposed on poor countries. Check out the next fact for more info.

Aid to developing countries

The figure is based on the total net official development assistance (ODA) from members of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in 2008 of 119.8 billion US dollars.

Helping the 3rd world

An investment in the future

But it’s not working !

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