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Tons of freshwater used


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Tons of freshwater used


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We are running out of water!...
Water resources are already being used to the limit and we are using more and more of it. So how much water do we use a day? Over 10 billion tons worldwide. See the real time update of our water use below. And see what it means.

Top 5 facts about freshwater use


We use a LOT of water

Every year we use a massive 4 trillion cubic meters of freshwater. This amount is equivalent to 50 Olympic swimming pools every second. Or, it's comparable to if everyone on the planet would drink over 4 glasses of water…every single minute.


Water is a precious resource

The amount of freshwater on the planet amounts to only 3 percent of all water on the planet…and less than 1 percent of this is ready for human use.


We are running out of it

1.4 billion people already live in areas that are simply running out of water. And poor people are those suffering the most.


...and the challenge is only getting bigger

The increase in the world's population highlights our need to solve the water problem. Compared to today, we will have to support an additional 2.7 billion people with water in 2050 requiring twice the current supply of water.


What about bottled water?

Bottled water often isn't such a good idea. It is thousands of times more expensive than tap water and most often not healthier or better tasting. Check out the Story of Stuff video on bottled water below for more info on the negative effects.

Freshwater use

Water falls into three main categories: freshwater (or blue water), green water, and grey / dilution water. The number above includes only freshwater. The World Water Council estimates global consumption to 3.8 trillion tons annually, which is the estimate we use. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) estimates global consumption to 4.4 trillion tons.

We use a LOT of water

Water is a precious resource

We are running out of it

...and the challenge is only getting bigger

What about bottled water?

Watch a video

The Story of Bottled Water

Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces.

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