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To the end of oil

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To the end of oil

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We’re running out of oil. But...
how about life after the oil crash? Well. We have plenty of green alternatives. We just need to start using them. If not, life after the oil crash could become very different from today.

Top 5 facts about the end of oil


We are running out of oil

If we keep on burning oil as we do today, we will run out of it in 2054. But the demand for oil has never been higher, and it is growing…


Peak oil is upon us

…we will not have enough oil to keep producing and consuming the way we are doing now. Oil reserves are dwindling and oil production is likely to reach its top soon - maybe already in 2020. A situation known as “peak oil”.


Six times Saudi Arabia

If we want to keep going the way we are, we need more oil… and we need a lot of it. By 2030 we need 6 times the amount of oil of the world's largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia. But the production will fall when “peak oil” is reached…


Upcoming: one energy crunch

…the world is possibly heading for a gigantic energy crunch, or as one analyst describes it: “Just kiss your lifestyle goodbye”. But it can be a good thing, both for the economy and the environment, and there IS an alternative…


Are small communities showing the way?

…70.000 citizens and the local industries of Thy and Mors, a region in Denmark, are using electricity produced 100 percent by renewable energy. Heating is covered 80 percent by renewables.

The end of oil

When will we run out of oil? No one really knows. The world's oil has been predicted to dry up several times over the last 100 years; yet, it has not happened. Why not? Because of our methods of extracting oil have become better, and because we have found new oil fields. By these measures there is disagreement as to whether the current “end of oil” debate is real or not. Since 1950, for example, the world's estimated oil reserves have grown faster than the world's production of oil. Yet, no one can dispute that oil is a finite resource; and that if we keep using oil like we do, it will dry up. When this will happen is a good question. As we approach “the end of oil”, oil prices will increase. By the precautionary principle, the faster we start implementing green energy solutions the better. The book “The end of oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New World” by Paul Roberts gives a good overview of the situation we are in now, and where we might be going. Proven oil reserves amounts to 1,481,526 MMbbl and current oil consumption tp 93,250,000 bbl/day. At current oil consumption and with the world’s proven oil reserves we have 43.5 years of oil left.

We are running out of oil

Peak oil is upon us

Six times Saudi Arabia

Upcoming: one energy crunch

  • Guardian: Oil and Petrol
  • Book recommendations: “The end of oil” by Paul Roberts, “The Party is Over” by Richard Heinberg

Are small communities showing the way?

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There's No Tomorrow (Peak Oil) Documentary

There's No Tomorrow is a half-hour animated documentary about resource depletion, energy and the impossibility of infinite growth on a finite planet.

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