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Cars impact on the environment is...
substantial. The transport sector is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions and a major source of air pollution.

Top 5 facts about cars


A lot of new cars

Over two new vehicles enter the roads every single second. By 2030 it will be more than three…


We can do better than that

A century ago, Ford Motor Company’s Model T got better gas mileage than the average vehicle that we see on the roads today.



You know that new car smell? It’s really phthalates off-gassing from the plastic in the car (you can read more on phthalates in our health section).


An air polluter

The transport sector burns most of the world's petroleum and is one of the largest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions. It's also heavy on air pollution. Read more in the climate and air sections.


The good news

Cars are also one of the most recycled products in the world - about 85 percent of all the materials are reused. Other industries could learn much from this.

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