Aviation impact on the environment


Number of air plane take offs

Globally, so far this year

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Number of air plane take offs

Globally, so far this year

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One flight over the Atlantic takes...
more than 400 kilo of fuel per passenger. See more on aviation impact on the environment below.

Top 4 facts about flights


One, two, three, four...

Every second a plane takes off somewhere in the world. The total number of aircrafts is expected to grow from 18,000 in 2006 to 44,000 in 2030.


Lots of fuel and CO2 emissions

One transatlantic flight takes more than 400 kilo of fuel per passenger and emits about 4000 kilos of CO2 equivalents. On short distances, trains emit 10 times less CO2 than planes.


The wrong direction

By 2020 airplanes could be the single biggest contributor to global warming.


A different kind of flight

Already in 1990, powered entirely by the sun, an aircraft flew 4060 km across the USA. But it is going to be a big challenge to change our reliance on traditional jet-fuel.

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