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About 360,000 babies are born each...
day according to the UN. That’s more than 130 million a year. At birth many of them already show sign of chemical pollution.

Top 5 facts about babies born


Children are at risk

Babies and children are far more at risk to chemicals than adults. Mothers can also pass on chemicals found in products like food, cosmetics and cleaning products, to their unborn babies.


Contaminated breast milk

The highest levels of toxins are found in human breast milk. Human breast milk can contain high levels of contaminants from the mother's body, including traces of DDT and other pesticides.


Be careful with what you buy

Many chew toys, baby bottles and nipples are made of soft vinyl. The vinyl’s softness is often made possible by using “phthalates” - a chemical that has been linked to higher risks of cancer and infertility.


What you consume makes a difference

Phthalates have been found in urine from young women at levels that cause fetal abnormalities in laboratory animals. Different studies have also shown that children who chew on PVC toys, such as pacifiers and teething rings, absorb phthalates into their bodies.


Safe alternatives are available

Organic baby food is one of the fastest growing segments of the organic food market, and the range of products is expanding fast. Toys, bottles, and other products that make no use of phthalates (or other dangerous chemicals) are now available.

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