Effect of chemicals on human health - how pollution affects our health


Number of chemicals tested for 'cocktail effects'

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Number of chemicals tested for 'cocktail effects'

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The effects of pollution on human...
health are disturbing to say the least. The level of male infertility is 20 times higher than in the late 1930s. Exposure to chemical pollution is likely to be part of the cause.

Top 5 facts about the cocktail effect


What is the 'cocktail effect'?

The combined effect of several individually harmless chemicals has been show to severely damage reproductive organs in rats. Or “0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 7 or 50” as the results are explained. One can only wonder what the 700 chemicals we all carry in our body can do…


The testing done is a joke

The numbers of chemical combinations that we are exposed to in the real world is staggeringly large. Yet, when testing of chemical substances is done, each chemical is tested individually rather than in combination with other real world chemicals.


We don’t know what tests are missing...

The huge number of chemicals used raises another fundamental question: what should we be testing for? Just a few decades ago, for example, endocrine disruption was not of concern. Who knows what we’ll be testing for in the years to come?


We must protect ourselves from ignorance

There really is no realistic hope of catching up, and testing all chemicals systematically. This is a strong argument for starting applying the precautionary principle as a kind of “insurance policy” against our own ignorance.


The precautionary principle

The precautionary principle reverses the burden of proof and states that in the face of scientific uncertainty, the prudent stance is to restrict or prohibit an activity that may cause long-term or irreversible harm. Instead, materials known to be safe should be used.

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