Chemical pollution effects


Male semen quality compared to 100 in 1940

In the Western world

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Male semen quality compared to 100 in 1940

In the Western world

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Chemical pollution has many effects -...
negative effects. One is male infertility. Statistics show that sperm counts have gone down 50% during the last 50 years. Chemicals in our everyday lives are part of the explanation.

Top 4 facts about male semen quality


20-fold increase in infertility

Today, a staggering 100 out of every 1000 men are functionally infertile. This number is 20 times higher than it was in 1939.


The quality of sperm is also declining

About 85 percent of the sperm produced by a healthy man is DNA-damaged. Damaged sperm have been linked to a 300 percent increase in testicular cancer - a form of cancer that affects young men in their 20s and 30s. Check out the alarming documentary “The Disappearing Male” below.


Man-made chemicals are part of the explanation

Decreased sperm counts have, among other things, been linked to the fact that we increasingly are being exposed to chemicals which mess up our hormone system (endocrine disruptors).


Dramatic drops in sperm counts

Research has found that sperm counts have dropped 50 percent during the last 50 years. These results have been confirmed by sperm banks, where sperm counts have decreased by almost 40 percent in the past 20 years.

Male semen quality

The projection is based on the assumption that the development identified by Carlsen et al. persists (extrapolation). This is, of course, an overly simplified projection that can only say what will happen IF the trend continues. The purpose of such an simplified projection is to create awareness of an important problem and not to estimate future fertility levels. (Projection data: 113 x 106/ml in 1940 to 66x 106/ml in 1990). Original source: Carlsen, E., A Giwercman, N Keiding, N Skakkebæk. 1992. Evidence for Decreasing Quality of Semen During Past 50 Years. British Medical Journal 305:609-613. We are aware that the issues of male sperm quality and fertility levels are very complex and that there are disagreements in the research community on the topic. However, we support the precautionary principle arguing caution in the case of scientific uncertainty. But we encourage you to explore the topic further. We can also recommend the documentaries “Men in Danger” and “The Disappearing Male”. They certainly convinced us that something really scary is going on.

20-fold increase in infertility

The quality of sperm is also declining

Man-made chemicals are part of the explanation

Dramatic drops in sperm counts

Watch a video

The Disappearing Male

The Disappearing Male is a documentary about one of the most important and least publicized issues facing the human species: the toxic threat to the male reproductive system. The last few decades have seen steady and dramatic increases in the incidence of boys and young men suffering from genital deformities, low sperm count, sperm abnormalities and testicular cancer.

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