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US dollars spent on furniture

Globally this year

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US dollars spent on furniture

Globally this year

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World production of furniture is worth...
about 450 billion US dollars. But that’s not all it costs. All those furniture use up massive amounts of trees, cotton and other materials. See more below.

Top 5 facts about furniture


A lot of couches

Worldwide, we buy furniture corresponding to the total economic output of Norway - 12,000 US dollars every second. All those pieces of furniture require enormous amounts of trees, cotton and other materials.


Comfort has a price

Some furniture contains fire-retardant chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs. Exposure to PBDEs is particularly harmful to unborn babies and can cause brain and reproductive system disorders.


Hmm... worrying

Alarmingly, tests found much higher concentrations of PBDEs in young children than in their mothers - because children ingest more PBDEs. The chemicals migrate out of products and stick to kids' hands, toys and other objects they put in their mouths.


It’s not all natural

A lot of low quality wood furniture contain toxic substances that can off-gas into your home — including arsenic and formaldehyde - suspected carcinogens that are used in adhesives, paints, and varnishes.


The good news

Furniture produced from responsibly managed forests and without toxics is available! Check out for inspiration.


World production of furniture is worth about 450 billion US dollars.

A lot of couches

Comfort has a price

Hmm... worrying

  • Environmental Working Group: Avoid fire retardants
  • PBDEs are most commonly found in polyurethane foam products (like mattresses) and are also in hundreds of other everyday products such as building materials, textiles, furniture and industrial paints.

It’s not all natural

The good news

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