Mining impact on environment


Energy use from mining

Terajoules, worldwide this year

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Energy use from mining

Terajoules, worldwide this year

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Mining impact on the environment is...
massive. A big part of the impact comes from the gigantic energy use in the industry. Metal mining alone consumes as much as 10 percent of world energy.

Top 3 facts about mining's impact on the environment


Mining consumes gigantic amounts of energy

Enough to supply 80 percent of the world's electricity use. Or the total energy consumption of Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Italy and Canada.


It’s not solar powered

The energy used in mining does not come from wind or solar power. It comes from burning fossil fuels. The industry is among the largest sources of CO2 emissions.


It’s BIG business

Mining uses some of the heaviest machinery on the planet. The largest of these machines can weigh up to 13,000 tonnes (3,700 African elephants) and are able to remove 160 cubic meters of soil in one single go (more than the world's annual gold production).

Mining's impact on the environment

Metal mining consumes as much as 10 percent of world energy equivalent to 10 % of 517,863,600 terajoules = 51,786,360 terajoules

Mining consumes gigantic amounts of energy

It’s not solar powered

It’s BIG business

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