Environmental impact of steel


Tons of wastewater from steel mining

Globally, this year

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Tons of wastewater from steel mining

Globally, this year

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The environmental impact of steel is...
illustrated by the amount of waste water it produces. 80 tons per ton of steel produced. This contributes to making mining the number one toxic polluter in the world.

Top 3 facts about environmental impact of steel


Gigantic amounts

Wastewaters are generated at a rate of 80 tons per ton of steel produced. Almost 90 billion tons annually or 13 tons for every single person on the planet. And that’s just steel.


No. 1 toxic polluter

Mining is the number one toxic polluter, responsible for up to 96 percent of arsenic emissions and 76 percent of lead emissions.


Use up freshwater too

Mining requires gigantic quantities of freshwater for virtually every aspect of the operation. Water tables have been found to decline by as much as 300 meters around open-pit mines.

Environmental Impact Of Steel

According to the OECD, almost 90 billion tons of waste water is generated from steel production annually.

Gigantic amounts

No. 1 toxic polluter

Use up freshwater too

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