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Tons of resources mined from Earth

Globally, this year

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Tons of resources mined from Earth

Globally, this year

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Most of our stuff require natural...
resources to produce. The Earth’s natural resources are therefore under heavy pressure. Do you know how many different minerals that go into your phone, television, or computer? See statistics on the depletion of natural resources below.

Top 5 facts about total mining on earth


It’s mined for your sake

On average everyone uses 16 kilos of resources extracted from earth every day - metal, fossil energy, and minerals. If you live in the western world this number is much higher - up to 57 kilos of newly-mined minerals per day.


It goes into your products

Telephones, for example, are made from as many as 42 different minerals, including aluminum, beryllium, coal, copper, gold, iron, limestone, silica, silver, talc and wollastonite. A television requires 35 different minerals, and a computer more than 30.


Lifetime supply

A newborn infant will need: 360 kilos of lead, 340 kilos of zinc, 680 kilos of copper, 1,630 kilos of aluminum, 14,800 kilos of iron, and 560,000 kilos of stone, sand, gravel and cement. Check out the video to know more about how extraction of resources fits into our consumption of stuff.


Numbers are going up

Production of mined metal commodities is expected to increase by 250 percent by 2030. Most of this will originate from small and medium-sized mining operators, particularly in developing countries…


Increased negative impacts

Small and medium-sized mining operators often lack the know-how and resources to apply sufficient health and environmental safeguards. The environmental impacts of mining is therefore likely to increase.

Total mining on Earth

A total of 39.3 billion tons of metal ores, fossil energy, and non-metallic minerals are extracted from Earth a year.

It’s mined for your sake

It goes into your products

Lifetime supply

Numbers are going up

Increased negative impacts

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