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        5. Disc ver meaningful facts

          Become aware of the world. Yourself. And your potential. Find facts to support a meaningful life.

          Our consumer society is
          running amok!

          We are turning the Earth's resources into waste faster and faster. Many products are still being produced in sweatshops or even by children or slaves.

          Discover world facts

          Consumption does not make us happy

          Our mad materialism would be more forgivable if there was evidence that material goods and wealth do lead to happiness. But evidence fails to show this.

          Actually more and more evidence shows us that happiness comes from the inside, and that it is within your power to be happy.

          What makes you happy?

          There is another and
          meaningul way

          As a consumer you have power! You can make a difference through the stuff you buy! When you buy green products from responsible companies you contribute to positive change.

          TheWorldCounts want to make it easy for you to find awesome companies that help make the world a better place.

          Products to inspire you

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